What It Requires To End Up Being A Registered Massage Therapist

by Millie4921958107679 posted May 23, 2016


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How To Massage?

From time immemorial massage has been one of the best ways to relax and relieve oneself of pain. From therapeutic massage which helps in rejuvenating to orthopaedic massage which heals injuries people have tried all sorts of massage therapies. Although getting a massage done by a professional is ideal it can also be done at home all alone. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while massaging your own body:

Basic Knowledge Is A Must + It is important that you acquire some knowledge before you start massaging yourself. This will ensure that you will know the basics of self massaging and the use of hand, fingers and palm. This will prevent you from injuring yourself using wrong techniques. Remember massaging should prove productive for you and not counter productive.

Loosen Yourself + Self massaging should not be done on a stiff body and it is important that you loosen yourself. You can try a warm bath and then dry yourself using a towel. In case you do not take bath you can try some light stretching to loosen yourself.

Keep Off Your Clothing + It is very difficult to massage your body over clothes so keeping them off is ideal. Clothes prevent the skin-to-skin contact with massaging thus reducing the effect. Massage improves blood circulation and skin-to-skin contact is a must for that.

Use A Lubricant + Using a lubricant eases the movement of your hands and figures over the body and thus making the massage experience nice. You can use some gel, medicinal cream or normal body oil while massaging. Keep in mind the allergies that you might have with certain creams and gels.

Neck And Shoulders - Start with the back of your head and work down towards the shoulders. In case of bumps and curves work in small circles. You should breathe slowly and evenly during this process. Do not massage too hard as it will tire your hands fast. After you are done with massaging your neck and shoulders stretch your shoulder out in hugging position and then stretch it sideways.

Lower Back - This Missouri massage is best done over a yoga mat. Lie down face up over the mat and position your body such that your shoulder and butt touch the floor. Breathe in while extending your arms into the stretch. To target the smaller areas of your back you can also use a rolling pin. Lean forward and make your chest touch things, while stretching your arms.

Feet - They take the entire load of our body and so it is important to massage them too. Dig your thumbs in a circular motion into the soles of your feet and do it for your toes too. Also rub your thumb on your ankle and across your feet right down to your toes. Stand up and stretch your feet after doing this.

It is advisable to keep a message manual with you to help in the massage process. Take all necessary precautions to prevent any mishaps during the self massage exercise.


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