Getting Ready For Relaxation Massage

by AugustinaK32479770219 posted May 23, 2016


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There are many different massage techniques that have multiple benefits for the receiver. These have varying types of relief and used based upon what the receiver of the massage wants and needs. Many of these massage types are for the purpose of providing therapeutic relief for the receiver. Some are designed to enhance muscle performance, while some are used primarily to relieve deep tension that is in the muscles. It is all in various degrees and in the different types of benefits of the massage.

Here are some of the different massage techniques that can be used.

The Swedish massage is a massage where you will receive tension and joint relief from the different strokes that are used in this massage. It is more of a gentle style that involves tapping, rubbing and kneading of the muscles to relieve the tension.

There is the deep tissue massage which is primarily used in stress and tension relief as well. However this massage is similar to the Swedish except more pressure is applied in order to get the deeper layers of muscle in the body. It usually involves the use of fingertips and occasionally elbows to get to the deeper tissues.

A sports massage is a two part process. Usually a massage similar to the Swedish style is received prior to the event in order to prepare and ready the muscles for the competition. The second phase of a sports massage occurs after the competition in which the massage therapist will work the muscles to remove waste and unnecessary muscle issues from the body through massage.

A neuromuscular massage is a massage where the therapy is applied to a specific point in order to relieve the pain and tension in your body. The therapist will find a specific tension point that will relieve most of the stress in your back by simply working one muscle group.

Craniosacral therapy is a massage that is specifically created for the head. It works the tissues in the head area and can be used in an effort to help relieve the pain of head trauma.

The Rolfing technique is a missouri massage, moved here, that focuses on the connective tissues between your joints. The purpose of this massage is to aid in improving your posture in an effort to relieve stress by teaching to walk and stand properly. This is usually a ten session process that works the entire body in order to improve posture.

As you can see there are many different massages for many different needs. Many of the massages are based on either one area of the body or on one specific need. There others that are out there as well and it is dependent on the need and want of the person who is receiving the massage as to what it is they will be receiving. Find out what your therapist specializes in and get the massage that will most benefit you. Make sure you do your research and find the best massage for you to get the most benefit from for your needs.